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What is Plyometrics P90X?

Plyometrics P90X workouts are a high energy exercise regime. People just beginning to discover the importance of activity and who have never exercised before should not consider this program to start. Once they have been exercising for awhile then they can engage in this high powered workout plan.

Who is the program designed for?

P90x is for those who are at a higher level of fitness training and who want to increase their strength even more.

This program is designed to improve your fitness in just 90 days. It's a rigorous training program and comes with a dietary plan as well.

What does it do?

It emphasizes muscle confusion which means periodization and cross-training. By mixing up the exercise order and adding new movements this causes the muscles to be confused. This approach prevents the body from adapting to one particular movement which enables it to improve steadily with no plateaus.

What are the differing stages in the P90X Program?

Periodization is a concept of organization. This is mostly used for athletes and it involves a progressive training cycle utilizing different programs throughout a specific period of time. This is a type of specificity training for athletes who perform at different seasons. It adds new movements through the cycle so they'll be ready to perform optimally when the time comes.

Cross-training is also known as circuit-training and it focuses on athletes performing various types of exercise different from those of their particular sport. This helps them train for a better overall performance. It combines different exercises to work different parts of the body. The same type of exercise will work only certain parts of the body while cross-training seeks to give every part a work out.

What is 'Muscle Confusion'?

Muscle confusion as stated above confuses the muscles ability to adapt to a specific muscle action and so many different exercises are performed during this 90 day program. A person is instructed to workout 6 days a week and for a total of 13 weeks.

There are three rotation programs called 'Classic', 'Lean' and 'Doubles'.

These are set up according to the individual goals of the person. Different skills and muscles are targeted while performing a 12 DVD workout plan. The abdominal workout is performed three days a week and most of the workouts take less than an hour with the exception of the full body workout that takes about an hour and a half.

This is a dynamic workout but it takes a great deal of physical fitness to perform. A person should already be in fairly good shape before attempting the high throttle exercises in this program. When a person tries to perform at these extreme levels they are setting themselves up for injury if they are not ready for it.

What else is included in the P90X Program?

Plyometrics P90X workouts also include a nutritional guide and plan entailing three phases. 

To get a person to understand the connection between carbohydrates and energy the first 30 days has a person consuming higher protein and less carbs. 

Then the next 30 day phase emphasizes an increase in carbohydrate intake until the last 30 day phase incorporates an even higher carb diet. This works hand in hand with this extreme level of physical activity.